Expert Housekeeping & Resort Cleaning Services

Our experienced team provides fully managed housekeeping services to hotels, resorts, and holiday accommodation in South East Queensland.

At GC Housekeeping, we recognise that dealing with cleaning complaints is the last thing you want on your agenda. That’s why we prioritise the significance of maintaining exceptional standards that mirror the renowned excellence you are known for.

Our dedicated team seamlessly integrates into your operations, becoming an essential part of your staff to ensure the smooth functioning of your hotel or resort. We understand your aversion to variable quality, which is why we’ve implemented a system that consistently delivers high-quality results day in and day out, significantly reducing cleaning complaints.

Experience a seamless process where every detail, from addressing damaged fixtures to handling linen orders and coordinating cutlery replacements, is expertly managed on your behalf.

Rest assured that each cleaned room undergoes a thorough post-cleaning inspection by our vigilant supervisors, guaranteeing that your establishment maintains the impeccable standards that set you apart. By partnering with GC Housekeeping, you can ensure a clean and tidy hotel room for your guests, creating the right impression from the moment they open the door.

How we can help

Hotel & Resort Cleaning

Full checkout, stay over/daily apartment servicing.

Hotel & Resort Service

Regular housekeeping service including replacing linen, restocking toilet paper, turn down service and more.

Hotel & Resort Spring Clean

A thorough clean that will get into every nook and cranny and clean behind furniture and appliances.

Why Choose GC Housekeeping

Entrusting your hotel housekeeping needs to a professional team such as GC Housekeeping guarantees access to a versatile and responsive workforce, primed to meet your specific requirements. This is particularly crucial in the dynamic landscape of the hotel, resort, and accommodation sectors in South East Queensland.

Opting for outsourced housekeeping services facilitates the ability to seamlessly accommodate varying demand levels, ensuring smooth check-outs and check-ins. With GC Housekeeping, excellence in room presentation is assured, delivering a flawless experience for both your guests and your establishment.

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What Our Clients Say

We run a very busy beachfront resort with large 3 bedroom apartments which have to be turned around in a timely manner. GC Housekeeping Services have been providing professional cleaning and housekeeping services to our holiday resort for more than three years and we highly recommend them.

Natasha and Ivan who own and manage the business are extremely professional, can be trusted, and get the job done! Their staff are well trained, reliable, hard working, very pleasant and professional.

Apartments are cross checked daily to ensure high standards and our cleaning rating continues to improve, even as it sits at a high standard! Your consulting services for continued improvements are always correct! Thank you GC Houskeeping Services for your consistent and professional services.

Dorchester Gold Coast

G C Housekeeping Services have been our preferred cleaners now for some 9 years. At all times we have found Natasha and her team of regular girls to be professional, on time and thorough providing consistent cleaning services. We would have no issue in recommending the services of this locally owned and run cleaning company.

Chris de Closey

We manage a high rise holiday apartment building in Surfers Paradise and have recently taken on GC Housekeeping as our contract cleaners. We have found them to be very efficient and reliable with a good standard of cleaning. Natasha is great and comes to check the rooms daily to ensure that they are are up to standard and that everything has been completed to the required standard. Since GC Housekeeping have been cleaning our apartments we are very happy with their services

Tony Flinn