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Our Housekeepers System – Beyond Clean

We know the least thing you look forward to is a cleaning complaint. That’s why we measure ourselves against world’s best practice.

We know you hate seeing variable quality – up one day and down the next. And that is why we have developed a system that delivers consistently high  quality day in and day out.

Every clean. Read about our quality.

Imagine what life would look like if you dramatically reduced the number resort cleaning services complaints in your Gold Coast business.


And how would it be if all of the little details were taken care of for you? Things like damaged or broken fixture and fittings, linen order numbers, cutlery replacements.

We do everything we can to make our customer’s lives easier.

It is a system we call “Beyond Clean”

We provide you with a fully managed service so you can do more important things with your time and leave the housekeeping to the pros.

With social media sites such as TripAdvisor commanding more and more travelers mind-share, we understand your need to make sure that all guests have a great experience when staying with you.

Bad cleaning reviews on social media will kill your occupancy and reduce the asset value of your business – great reviews will enhance both, so call in the experts today to improve your ratings.

Could You Use More Than 10 Years Resort Cleaning Services Experience?

Cleaning tens of thousands of rooms over the years has taught us a thing or two about presenting your rooms in ways that will delight your guests and reduce your complaints.

And we know what we have to do to reduce your stress levels. Imagine what it would feel like to feel your Housekeepers are on your side.

We have encountered, and figured out a solution for most every problem a busy resort is likely to encounter – so you can benefit from our experience. You can rely on our project management skills and our problem-solving abilities when you most need them!

Our dedication means you can be confident that we will meet your expectations. Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  • We will maintain already high standards or improve lackluster standards.
  • We will monitor social media and aim to increase positive cleaning reviews and reduce negative reviews.
  • We will quality check every room. Every Clean. No exceptions.
  • We will go beyond cleaning and manage any aspect of the broader housekeeping function you need us to.
  • We will help with a strategy that eliminates inefficiency and delivers a more consistent standard of presentation.
  • We will go beyond clean and into meeting your requirements around presentation so that everything, in every room, looks just like your vision. Every Time.

You will be impressed with our choice of cleaning chemicals from leading suppliers from companies like Oates and Agar because you need a consistent finish every time.

All the small things we do for you will add up to a great experience for your guests and fewer headaches for you.

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Cleaning 10000+ Resort Rooms and Apartments This Year

That’s More Than 20,000 Happy Guests!

Gold Coast Housekeepers That Understand The Details Matter

We have an exact way of cleaning your rooms designed to make your guests happy visit after visit.

We give you what your guests expect including:

  • Bed wear is swapped out when dirty
  • Toilets are cleaned to bottom and rear
  • Tiles are cleaned to corners
  • Shower tracks are wiped clean
  • Bathroom vents are cleaned periodically
  • Inside cupboards and draws are sparkling and presented just so
  • Pots, pans, crockery and cutlery are checked every clean
  • Fans are dust free
  • Broken items are reported, removed and replaced

These are a sample of what we do that makes your life easier and a guest’s stay enjoyable.


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Every Room Checked. Every Clean

At the heart of our quality promise is a commitment to check every room for quality after it is cleaned and before your guests arrive.

If we do not see the room with our own eyes, it has not been cleaned.

“Trusting” the cleaners – even the very best of cleaners – to meet your standards, every time is a recipe of hope.

We go beyond hoping that your room is clean. We see it with our own eyes and we know it is cleaned to your agreed standards. It is your resort after all.

Your Resort Will Have It’s Own Designated Team

The core of your cleaning crew will be made up of the same cleaners who will get to know your rooms and know what goes where.

You will be able to expect the same high level of consistency, day in day out.

Busy Days Are Not A Problem!

Too many back to backs will be a thing of the past.

We are a big enough business to supply you with additional cleaners as needed to ensure you can handle even your busiest days.

All of our cleaners work to the same exacting standards so you can relax knowing that your rooms will be cleaned to your normal standards any day of the year.

Yes We Have References

If you have been let down in the past, you might just want to ask some of our happy customers about their experience working with us. We would be delighted to provide details to you so you can satisfy all of the questions you have.

Every Room Guaranteed

We guarantee that every room will meet our agreed quality standards or it is fixed free.

Same day.

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Some Of Our Happy Customers. One The Esplanade – The Dorchester – Baronnet Beachside Apartments

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