Affordable Housekeeping Prices For Gold Coast Holiday Accommodation Businesses

Prices for resort and housekeeping services Gold Coast

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Working With You On Price

We aim to work with you on price so you get a high standard of quality housekeeping at a price you can afford.

Because every building is different and every owner and manager has different priorities, we customise our prices to fit your needs.

We can offer lower prices when volume and the room turnover rate is high because we can clean an average room in less time.

Why Our Housekeeping And Resort Cleaning Pricing System Saves You Money

We can work with you to reduce your overall costs by adopting our systems and processes that save us time and therefore saves you money.

Our housekeeping system also provides your guests with a more consistent and uniform in-room experience.

And this results in happier guests.

In principle, the way it works is to adopt a hotel-like method of consistency across each room, no matter the owner so that we avoid having to remember that the red quilt goes in room 216 but the brown quilt goes in 802.

Same goes for many of the items found in all rooms.

Our experience demonstrates that this approach can save anywhere between 15-45 minutes per room and when the pressure is on, this saving can make a big positive difference on the busiest days.

Not to mention, that guests really don’t want to have the experience of using cutlery and crockery that owners no longer consider worthy of their home:-)

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We Have Cleaned 10000+ Resort Rooms and Apartments In The Last Year

That’s More Than 20,000 Happy Guests!

Spring Cleaning

We recommend conducting spring cleans 2 times per year. Before and after high season.

If the weather turns bad in summer and your guests are stuck inside all day, it is nice knowing that the apartment is in tip top shape and your guests are far less likely to complain about high season prices and expectations not being met.


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