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Housekeeping Is All About The Details And So Are We

After eleven years providing resort cleaning services on the Gold Coast and tens of thousands of rooms cleaned, we have gained some insights into how to run a housekeeping business in a way that pleases our customers.

Housekeeping is a hard game where the downsides for not being focused on the details that matter can cost us everything.

Our survival and our sanity.

Some people are born with the ability to see the smallest of things and something inside of them just doesn’t sit right until every last detail is exactly as it should be.

And that describes Natasa perfectly.

Because Natasa is driven to detail. In a way, she can’t help herself.

That makes her a huge asset for you.

Other people meanwhile see the big picture – how the jigsaw is put together and what makes things work.

Meet Ivan. He’ll make sure the overall approach to the way we service you and your business, the way the plan and the price are put together, are a perfect fit.

Our customers appreciate the burden’s we have lifted from their shoulders by combining the best approach with a critical eye for detail.

And for us – having all the bases covered is how we stay sane in an insane industry.

You know what we mean.

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