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We work hard to make sure our customers get the same great clean, every day of the year.

You deserve no less and your customers, who use social media every day will tell the world what they think about your cleaning.

If you have owners that don’t seem to want to spend a penny on their apartment, it is even harder to please your paying guests. The quality of your housekeeping services then becomes that much more important.

Having a service that specialises in just housekeeping and with a team of over 25 housekeepers can take some of the pressure off you.

And keep your guests staisfied.

And lift your cleaning standards ratings.

And that will make it easier for you to book your apartments.

With more bookings, both your income and the asset value of your business will increase.

We provide resort cleaning services to every suburb on the Gold Coast. Our mobile teams clean hotels and resorts from Runaway Bay to Tamborine Mountain to Surface Paradise.

So if you need consistent results, day in, day out and happy guests, give us a call now.

We’d love to show you how we do it!

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Is Your Housekeeping Service Reliable?

Our years of experience have taught us to spot all of the tell-tale signs of poor cleaning.

Within seconds of walking into a an apartment we can see in detail what has been done well and what has not.

When we walk into our rooms on the other hand, we see consistent quality.

Your guests on the other hand do not have the same “cleaners eyes” we have developed over years.

But they have a “spidey sense” for when something seems off and they will tell the world on review sites.

We make sure we deliver consistent quality because we check every apartment with our own eyes.

And that means we will not let you down.

If your housekeepers are letting you down, they are not doing the checks we are doing. They are not going the extra mile for you like we are. They do not have a system that ensures consistent quality like we do.


We Provide Resort Cleaning Services To Over 10,000 Rooms A On The Gold Coast

We Love It When Your Guests Are Satisfied

Some Of Our Happy Customers. One The Esplanade – The Dorchester – Baronnet Beachside Apartments

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